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Rosemary (given name)

It is known that cooking meat at high temperatures creates toxins called heterocyclic amines, which have been associated with some types of cancer. Marinating meat decreases risk to prevent the formation of toxins. However, one ingredient that makes a big difference is rosemary. Studies show that adding it to beef and other meats before grilling, frying or baking significantly reduces heterocyclic amines.

In a study published in “The Journal of Food Science in March,” researchers tested extracts of rosemary in beef patties that were cooked at temperatures between 190 degrees and 204 degrees Celsius. The extract was added to both sides of the meat  prior to cooking. The higher the concentration, the greater the reduction in the heterocyclic amines (in some cases, a reduction of over 90%).

 Scientists attribute the result to specific antioxidants present in rosemary: rosmarinic acid, carnosol and carnosic acid. Another study two years ago, comparing various marinades and found that one of the most protected Caribbeanwas a mixture, which, as they wrote, “contained considerable amounts” of these three antioxidants.TIP: If you do not really like rosemary, or have allergies, try marinated with garlic, onion or lemon…

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