Tomatoes are good, rich in vitamins and not fattening. That’s why they are crowned as preferred  vegetable diets.

New research conducted by the University of Reading (UK) has also discovered that this fruit has the ability to make more satiated appetite decreases, helping to complete the diet.
“Nutritionists have known for long that a diet of fruits and vegetables increases the odds of reducing weight, and that vegetarians are generally more lean”, emphasizes Julie Lovegrove, head researcher of the study. And continues: “However, we believe that the compounds contained in certain plants, such as tomatoes, make you feel more full stomach”.
The test came thanks to a study where the volunteers were to eat different types of cheese and sandwich served with tomato or carrot: more filling them were those which contained tomatoes.
“This is one small study, and we still don’t know exactly what the compound key, but these results are significant.

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