Is part of a family of Alliaceae, including garlic, chives and leeks.
Is a plant usually annually.
The edible bulb can have various sizes and colours (white to Brown, red, purple) and has a hard rind.
There are many varieties of onions which differ in shape, color, size and flavor.
The Spanish are large, spherical, with brown skin have a delicate flavor but quite intense.
Those municipalities have the bulb sized and a very strong flavor.
Those from white or red salad, tasted sweet and delicate.
The scallion with its concentrated taste and without roughness, owes its name to Ascalon in Palestine where it grew in ancient times.
The preserves are small bulbs with brown or silvery skin, are used in brine and preserved.
The Onion is an immature plant where the bulb is not yet fully formed, has elongated stalk and delicate flavour.
Are used universally in broths, soups, meat casserole, and sauces. Stewed may constitute a good appetizer, are the main ingredient in dishes that originate from the Venetian tradition such as liver, pizza, pies; Frosted can be boiled or served as a side dish.
To avoid that make eyes Peel onions under cold water.
The Onion is one of the oldest edible plants: has a history of 3500 years.
Its origins are not clear, although arguably his land of origin seems to be Asia minor and the Mediterranean.
He was one of the favorite foods that the Egyptians worshipped as deities and, together with the garlic, constituted the only source of livelihood for the slaves involved in the construction of the pyramids.
Among the Greeks and Romans used to treat coughs, colds and sore throats and along with a little salt constituted a usual breakfast besides being used in countless dishes

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