The surprising virtues of lemon

I thought only a fruit … tart, juicy, rough, solar?
You did fooled by appearance: lemon is more, much more than a simple fruit from squeeze or cut into slices. Its functions and its benefits are so different from not believing they can fit all in one product!
For those who want to, can be a great degreaser detergent, but is also effective as a cosmetic for oily skin or in Gryffindor, not to mention its therapeutic uses.
And did you know that since ancient times has been used as a contraceptive?
And a recent study by the said competent to protect themselves against Aids?
The wonder of finding solutions in the simplest things!
In order not to leave it to oblivion of memory, as often happens in these cases, here are some ideas on lemon you can be useful in many situations, allowing you to take care of yourself and your home without further burden on the environment and on the health of your body

It is known that the lemon is one of the fruits at the highest concentration of vitamin c: is perfect then all cooling related illnesses, but also in case of headache and nausea. His power is released immediately, especially if prepared well: va washed well (better if the fruit is organically), cut in half and then squeezed into a small pan with half a glass of water. The two halves are then dipped in the solution, which will be brought to a boil for a few minutes and then boldly guzzled. Have faith, will work!
But even in the fresh juice exerts its functions perfectly.
And it doesn’t stop there: the lemon, in fact, helps the digestive tract as well as his/her digestive power, even for its astringent effects and regulating intestinal problems.
Generally, contributes to the strengthening of the immune system and fights free radicals

The lemon in the kitchen is a classic, both for its valuable flavoring, and the power to facilitate the digestion of food (especially meats, fish, fried), both as a tasty substitute for fat condiments. Have you ever tried, for example, on lettuce, cabbage or other salads instead of oil?
Lemon has also the power to prevent oxidation, which occurs with the assumption of a darker complexion, fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables cut; for this reason, in addition to producing the characteristic juice adds to macedonia.
Also after meal, a lemon is good in the kitchen: it works as an aid in digestion (except for those who are prone to heartburn, in which case are preferable to teas fennel or Mint).
And, by adding a few drops of coffee, barley, it also gets an excellent tonic and tonic drink (usually known only as a remedy for headaches after ‘ hangover ‘).

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