Sea Food salad and insalata Estiva

Summer salad……

I started with the peppers I cut it down from the high side, taking the thickness of the pepper is not high, I put them on the grill to roast.

Instead, the green beans and carrots I’ve boiled for 5 minutes with salt and pepper.

Instead, Celery and Lettuce with Red Onion I’ve expanded on the tray as you can see in the picture

at the end I put the tuna fillets over and I have served with the same oil Tuna, simple but good for the summer.

Sea Food Salade…….

The Fishmonger my friend called me saying that it was really fresh fish including shellfish, great idea for summer!

I cooked seafood with garlic, parsley and half a glass of white wine for about ten minutes at the end I added some mushrooms (champignon)

I let them cool a bit so the mushrooms are marinated well

and I have served on slices of lemon that I cut round, of good contrast with the marinade

picts by Fotomaskagrafia


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