Tricolore salad and grilled Salmon with Eggsplant

We decided that I and my partner for a couple of days we do not eat things that make us fat or at least make us feel very light, so we decided to eliminate sweets and eat only vegetables and salads with fish and white meat.
So I thought I’d start with a salad Tricolore light and pleasant to the palate

Tricolore Salad

  • Ingredient:

  1. Cucumbers
    Olive green

Logically I used a bit of creativity just like you can see on the pict(by Fotomaskagrafia) to get what that
become even more appetizing salad ……..

Grilled  Salmon With Lemon

Instead, as a main course I decided to make grilled eggplant and grilled salmon(pict by FotoMaskaGrafia)


  • Eggplant

  • Salmon

  • Lemon

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Oil

The Eggplant (contain little calories) I put the garlic with the salt and pepper, to that end have become roasted eggplant on both sides

I put them in the oven to 200 degrees,

and I started to cook on the grill the salmon do not I put no oil (and the fat of its nature Omega 3)

at the end I put the grilled eggplant in the dish and the salmon above with added olive oil and lemon juice (I squeezed above)

 Easy Good and without Fats(picts by FotoMaskaGrafia )

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