Linguine Tonno e Cozze

Linguine With Tuna Fish and Mussels….

I know that the title of this recipe sounds strange, but I guarantee you it’s worth a try, if logically followed all procedures for good that I recommend.


  • Garlic

  • Oil(extra vergine)

  • Fresh Mussels

  • Tuna Fih in Olive Oil

  • Fresh Tomateos


Put the oil to brown, red pepper, garlic, add the mussels and cook them until they all open and the mussels start to turn brown

A ready cooked, remove them from the pan and let them cool, so then you can easily remove the shell

In the pan you just finished cooking the mussels, add a dash of olive oil, fresh tomatoes, and canned tuna in olive oil, cook everything until you get a mixture of everything, now you just add the mussels finished off the shell.

Meanwhile you have done in another pot, cook the water with the salt and add the Linguine (pasta), I usually do the cooking “al dente“.
I remove them from the pan and put them in mussels and tuna sauce, I make them take a taste and then they can serve, if you want you can add a little fresh oil.
what to say … easy and delicious!

Picts by Fotomaskagrafia

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