Linguine in Bianco

Linguine in white sauce with Scampi….

It’s still very warm,(today 28/30 degrees)our body expends a lot of energy, you have to drink a lot, but be careful even with food
So I decided to cook some simple linguine (pasta) on white with Shrimp


    • olive oil(extra vergine)

  • Garlic

  • Prawns

  • salt

  • pepper

  • white wine.

    Add extra virgin olive oil in the pan and make warm, the temperature is reached, add the garlic that you do brown, and also add the prawns

    When cooked reached, add a bit of dry white wine (and always if you want to add a bit of chilli, but you will not believe the heat is fine)) and then let them cool

    In the Meanwhile cook the pasta (linguine), to remove them al “dente”

    Now, put the pasta (linguine) together with the sauce you made cool and warm all at once (if it were to come a little asciuttala sauce, add a bit of water that you cooked the pasta)

    This is the result that you will get

    picts by FotoMaskagrafia


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