Gamberetti alla Menta….&….

….Frittelle di Salmone….

Still very hot outside and inside but i still like to cook,    so I decided to invent a new recipewith this hot weather, shrimp with mint and red onion & Pancakes salmon with mint.
Easy to prepare and lovely on the palate with the heat.


for the shrimp,

Red onions

Fresh Mint

For the Pankakes,

Fresh Salmon

 Fresh Mint

Red Onions




Cut the red onion in circles and mixed with fresh mint add a little salt and pepper

And cooking everything together with the shrimp, let them rest for at least an hour so that you are well taken of flavor, and then they can serve both cold and hot

The same thing you do for the pancakes … cut the onion into circles then add the fresh mint, and finally put 2 eggs, throw everything into the mix, you just got a liquid,add a little flour and bread crumbsin to it, do not forget to add the salmon that you cut into small pieces, all done, you can begin to fry in hot oil … what to say …. they are delicious!

In the end I was left still put the salmon in foil and lho made ​​him 10 minutes in the oven at 200 degrees so I got a form in pink and l used as a decoration,for the rest I used a bit of creativity.
The photos taken by FotoMaskaGrafia


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