Hamburger di Melanzane

Nutritional value and cooking

Eggplant, although in itself girlfriends diets low-calorie, calorie bombs may be based on the method of cooking: pasta absorbs much of the vegetable sponge dressing, lending itself perfectly to flavor and enrich dishes tasty and high calorie. The simple broiling is not problematic for diets low in calories, because the preparation of eggplant takes place, in this case, without the need for oil in cooking. It is clear that, cooking the eggplant in the pan, frying in oil or, even worse, farcendole with tomato and mozzarella, calories grow exponentially. The raw eggplant makes only 18 calories per 100 grams, taking as a reference an eggplant from the ideal weight of 100 grams, 92.7% consists of water, while the remaining 7.3% is divided between carbohydrates (2.6%) , fiber (2.6%), protein and fat (trace). Furthermore, the eggplant absorbs many minerals from the soil, in particular potassium, and is rich in fibers. Active ingredients and properties
It seems that the eggplant has properties comparable to those of the artichoke, the presence of molecules similar to cynarin: in this respect, the vegetable is very useful for balancing liver function. Stimulating the activity of the liver, eggplant also has cholesterol-lowering properties. As described above, the eggplant is rich in potassium, while the content of phosphorus and calcium is rather modest, so has discrete mineralizing potential. Being a source of fiber, the vegetable is ideal in case of constipation: the eggplant are, in fact, attributed mild laxative properties. In addition, it is recommended in diets for anemia, atherosclerosis, gout and oliguria. Note also depurative, diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties associated with the eggplant. In ancient times, the egg leaves were used to prepare poultices emollients useful in the case of abscesses, burns and hemorrhoids.

Hamburger of Eggsplant


  • Eggplant

  • Anchofish

  • Mushroom


Bread crumbs

For the hamburger cut the eggplants in the round and with a brush spread a little oil on both sides, and fry them.

The remaining part of the eggplants, remove the peel, and boil it with the mushrooms and anchofishs and capers.

When cooked reached, mix together until the mixture is thick and solid, as you can see in the photo.

Now use the iron ring (you can buy almost everywhere) and begins to put a layer of eggplant fried, a layer of compound, a layer of mushrooms (uncooked and very thin sliced) and finally a slice of cheese.

And here is the final, with three wonderful masterpieces different flavored melanzane(eggplant aubergine).Logicamente the rest I used my creativity,  I had left the compound (do not throw my motto nothing in kitchen) I know it seems a lot of work, but if you like to cook …. you’ll see that time passes very quiet and at the end you feel relaxed

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


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