Sarde ripiene

This is another recipe that I copied from my mother (Typical Calabria in Southern Italy …), certainly changed, but the theme, and to cook well and good with little money. And especially if the fishmonger and so kind to clean the sardines, and even more cheap and easy.


  1. white onion

  2. Black olive

  3. sardines

  4. garlic

  5. fresh tomatoes

  6. cheese(pecorino)

  7. Anchovis.

To fill begins to chop up the garlic, black olives, anchovies and cheese ground, at the end add the wet crumb (milk or water) but well squeezed, creating the mixture and let it rest.

Now take the sardines, hoping that your fishmonger has them clean, and you begin to fill with the mixture.

just finished filling them, tie them with the sewing thread as you can see in the picture

You fry the white onion in oil, add fresh tomatoes, and cook it all together at the end add a little more of sardines that you have left, and put to cook (low heat) also rolls together (for about 10 minutes )

what to say … are excellent, served with red wine are even better.

picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


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