Costolette di Agnello all’oregano con Porcini

Lamb chops a time out of season but still good to eat, I wanted to try them with a marinade all’oregano wild with the roasted pepper and garlic in a with a sauce of dried porcini mushrooms.


  1. Garlic

  2. porcini dried

  3. lams chops

  4. Oregano

  5. Flour

  6. Roasted pepper garlic

  7. red wine

For the marinade, use wild oregano gladly take in the fields during the June / July (something other than dry sold in stores)
I passed on both sides and with the addition of roasted garlic & peper, then let them sit for a few hours with extra virgin olive oil.

I put the dried porcini mushrooms in water to soften them (I left the Porcini all day in the water)

I put a bit of garlic to the pan and fry the garlic I started, when he started to brown I put the mushrooms, and cook innoltrata I’ve shaded with red wine, I added a little water mushrooms and I did get to taste, in the end I mixed with a little flour, and I added a bit of butter to mix everything.

Now it’s the turn of lamb chops marinated with them, I put the grill pan from the fire, I heated it well, to get a medium rare.

As you can see from the picture, I did not put the sauce over the chops, but apart …. but rather to enjoy both better.

picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia

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