Lupo di Mare con Spinaci

Begins to arrive in the autumn, the air in the sky has changed, you will hear that our body starts to ask a different food, more calories, but I keep hard, because the winter is very long, and we have time for different food.
So I thought I’d still fish (Seawolffish) with spinach prepared in a different way …….


  1. Spinach

  2. Anchofish

  3. Black olive

  4. White wine

  5. Potatoes

  6. salt

  7. peper

  8. Seawolffish

    First of all I started to heat the pan, and put in couple of anchovies, which I had previously chopped with black olives, and I “dirtied” the pan with them

    Now I started with the spinach, I cut them julienne’s type

    In another pot I boiled the potatoes, has reached cooking I added the potatoes in spinach and black olives, previously, I had  the pan “dirtied”

    When the spinach begins to become soft, I lowered the fire, and began to squeeze it all together, as you can see from the picture

    Now, with the pan still “dirty” flavor of the spinach I cooked the Seawolf sish (previously, I added the oil in the fish to be able to fry)

    I used a bit of spinach to make a sauce with the addition of white wine, I shake all over, and I have served as a decoration.
    Instead of spinach I used the iron ring, to the roundabout, and above spinach I added a dash of extra virgin olive oil

    what to say …. I can well serve with white wine … not to forget that summer is just ending.

    Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


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