Pastella dei Poveri

This recipe “Pastelle dei  Poveri” has a very nice story.
I met via Facebook with my friend Filippo, we were friends at  school time, almost 25 years ago

i didn see him for long time now.(and now we are constantly in touch Via FAcebook,or mobile , and we’re talking about our hobbys) so he realized that I like to cook, and he gave me this recipe, that he had from her mother,

Telling me how our ancestors with a bit of creativity, could put the spices and flavors in balance and stubbornness to get a good

flavor, without the help of anyone. (books or the Internet as now).


  1. garlic

  2. fresh Basil

  3. Flavour 00

  4. water

  5. sweet peper

  6. fresh tomatoes

  7. salt and peper

     For the first time, I wanted to do this recipe  with the fresh tomato, and sweet  pepper (and now is the right time,for the sweet pepper).

    I chopped finely  all the ingredients, I added a little salt and pepper, I left everything aside.

    I put it in a bowl of flour type 00 and I added water, I began to mix order to get a very thick and liquid.

    Now that the mixture of flour and water is ready, add all ingredients and mix to obtain a equal of the ingredient with the mixture.

    Now it’s time to fry the mixture into the hot oil, good to eat hot, as an appetizer, but also with a good drink (cocktails)

    I just have to thank Filippo for the goodness and taste that made ​​me try making this delicious dish

    Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia

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