Mezzelune con Spinaci

Mezzelune with Spinacy (filling is spinacy too)

  1. Beschamel
  2. Ricotta cheese
  3. Salt
  4. Peper
  5. Nutmeg

I started to cut the spinach, and I’ve cooked them until they become soft (it does not need water) I let them cool, put them aside for now.

I put in a bowl of egg yolk with a bit of bechamel, I added the parmggiano and ricotta cheese a bit of nutmeg and salt and pepper, I mixed everything and laa end I added spinach, in doing so I created a compound taste good.

Now I got a little compost, made ​​mince with mixer, until the sauce is very delicate

That’s it seems dificult but if you follow all the steps, you realize that very easy to do and especially good on the palate.

Picts made by FotomaskaGrafia

Pasta green Spinaci besciamella ricotta gustevole serata piacevole

8 thoughts on “Mezzelune con Spinaci

  1. The recipe looks luscious… especially the creamy spinach and cheese wonder that you created. The photos are just great – I love how one particular element is hyper-focused and the rest is slightly blurred – I can see exactly what you are trying to highlight. Thanks for sharing!

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