Bocconcini di Pollo con Zafferano

I start saying that this recipe is really very delicate, especially for those who savor the flavor of saffron.


  1. Chiken
  2. Half glass whit wine
  3. Piece of white onion
  4. Saffron
  5. Salt& peper
  6. Red sweet pepper
  7. Yellow sweet peper
  8. Plain flour
  9. Anchovies Oil(or Olive extra vergin Oil)
  10. Botter

Cut the red sweet peppers into strips (julienne type)

You fry the red sweet  peppers with oil (I used some anchovies  oil  to give even more flavor) add salt and pepper, and cook allready (suppost be soft) set aside,keep the pan smeared with anchoviesoil (do not clean)

The chicken fillets, cut them into small pieces (as cubital)

Throw them in the flour

Meanwhile add the saffron in a bowl with some  water, and leave it for a while (until the water becomes yellow)

When everything is ready, take back the pan that  you fried the peppers, and fry slightly a some white onion, add the chicken pieces with flour and fry on low heat …

Do half fade cooking with some  white wine and add the water with saffron and do continue cooking.

If you see you’re getting a thick cream,that it means…. the pieces of chicken are ready.

To get a extra sauce, I put a yellow pepper in a blender (empty inside) and I add a bit of water with saffron, I had left .
I mix  all it  with the blender over and then I put a bit of butter, and I reheated everything on fire … and here is the yellow sauce.

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia

4 thoughts on “Bocconcini di Pollo con Zafferano

  1. Hi, Massi:

    white wine
    Anchovies Oil

    Any recipe that starts with these great flavors is going to be amazing. I love the glorious color of the yellow saffron brew and the duo of peppers! 🙂 Great photos, as always – just mouthwatering.


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