Frittata di Pasta

Fritta di pasta is hearty and tasty dish, ideal to be realized not only if you intend to do some outing or picnic, as well as appetizing appetizer,(the origin is from Campania)


  1. mushrooms
  2. Parmesancheese
  3. Pasta
  4. Eggs
  5. Cappers
  6. Olive Oil
  7. Salt&Peper
  8. Fresh Tomatoes

There are two variants to make the Frittata di pasta:
The first variant, is that if you advanced the pasta  the day before (you can reuse it in the Frittata)
The second variant ,is to cook the pasta al dente and  and let to cool before using it again …in the frittata ( white,of with some sauce…type garlic oil and chilli  )

Begins by cutting all the ingredients very fine and add all  in the eggs that  you’ve just beaten with a little salt & pepper.

Now add a drop of oil in the pan , and let it warm up, as soon as it is ready add the pasta (any type of pasta)i used Spaghetti(al gusto di tartufo) and let it fry for about 5 minutes so that it becomes crispy, now add the rest of the compound, and continues to fry on low heat until the mixture  has consolidated.

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


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