Costolette di Agnello


The wheather really bad out side, its really  winter, having nothing to do, I decided to go and stay behind the stove, to invent something new, so I took the lamb chops from the fridge and let  ​​marinade per about 2 hours in the sun-dried tomatoes and garlic.


  1. Sun-dried tomatoes
  2. Red onions
  3. Lamb chops
  4. Garlic
  5. Chickpea
  6. Rosemary
  7. Olive & Oil
  8. Tunafish(candy oil)


After two hours, I put them in the pan to grill on both sides, of slow cooking.


In another pan I browned the rosemary and garlic


I can guarantee that after you’ve eaten will not be disappointed, A simple recipe but different from the usual mint or cheese …

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia



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