Filetto di Cervo al Gusto di Bosco


Venison Fillet
This recipe I prepared for Christmas Eve,  for my family and  has been successful, I wanted to to shara with you….. the preparation needs a bit of time but it does not mean that is  difficult  to prepare.

Even now here in Europe to take advantage of the wild  season because  is ending and the prices are reasonable (not more expensive)



  • green zucchini

    zucchini yellow

    Balsamic cream

    salt and pepper


    jam with forest fruits

    I used for the decoration some berrys fruits.

I cut ring-shaped both  zucchini and putted some salt and and pepper(and garlic peper)


Done frying in a pan  adherent slightly, cooked from both sides, and I have put at side(keeping warm  You need later on)



The Venison fillet, dusted with flour, I added salt and black pepper(and garlic peper)


In the same pan you haved  fried the  zucchini, you wil fry  now theVenisson filet with the addition of olive oil (extra virgin) cook to arrive to medium well.

simply for the sauce I used a tablespoon of jam with forest fruits, and two tablespoons of balsamic cream (logically per person), I warmed up to get a balance between the sweet of the jam, and the sour of balsamico,


 Voila …. Now you can serve  it as main dish

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


6 thoughts on “Filetto di Cervo al Gusto di Bosco

  1. Wow Massi –that looks just beautiful. I adore venison and will only order it in restaurants. I always shy away from making it at home because I didn’t know how. Thanks for sharing. This is just gorgeous!

  2. Hi Massi, happy new year from Marie !! Missing you at Crowne!! You’re cooking looks fabulous. Wishing you good health and lots of happiness. Big kisses, Principessa Maria.

  3. Heeyyy Signora Maria happy new year too!!!!
    thank u for the compliment…i just spend my time with this lovely hobby!!unfurtonaly i’m not anymore on the Crowne ,but wil be nice if you like to enjoy a dinner in our casa.:)

  4. Massi, What is not to like about this recipe? It is perfect – delicious meat (I adore venison and game meats!), beautiful, colorful vegetables and a perfect berry sauce. Tell me, what type of berries are in your forest berry conserve / jam? Your photos sell the recipe, too – they are gorgeous. What a perfect Christmas Eve meal! Best wishes – Shanna P.S. The reader above is asking how you photographed. He likes the reflection from the light on the food.

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