Cozze con Gnocchi


As you know, I do not cook only on classic, but from time to time, also try to experiment something new.This time i thought how i can serve mussels in different way

and i come with the idea to serve it with Gnocchi( Saffron

After i tryed the test ,i can say that are very positief the results,and now i like to share with you.



Gnocchi (Potatoes)



White wine


salt and pepper

plain flour

I added water to the pan with some white wine (half a cup) finely chopped onion ,some  salt and black pepper and cook until the onion become very soft


I put the mussels in the pan and  I cook the mussels

(must be open) with the broth


Now that all the mussels are cooked, I remove them from the broth. And add the saffron in the broth, when everything turns yellow, add a little flour,I mix everything, so that the broth becomes a bit dense. sieve the whole, and in this way I have  the sauce.


I cook the gnocchi in a pot with plenty of water with salt, can not go wrong with cooking the gnocchi, because when they are cooked floating in water


Now add the mussels with the sauce and the gnocchi in the pan heating the whole thing .


 And now can be served……It seems difficult but if you follow the passages carefully, you realize instead that it is not difficult:)

Picts made By FotoMaskaGrafia


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