Linguine al nero… con Astice


Finally the snow is gone, the days start to get longer, even though we are still in the middle of the cold winter, I begin to feel that the real cold has passed.
All this because I want to cook a nice plate of pasta with fish, so I decided to make Linguine with squid ink with Astice



Linguine al nero di seppia
Cherry Tomatoes
Lobster Pasta
With fish
black pepper salt and olive oil(extra virgin)
and Garlic
White wine(half glas)

With the addition of the oil and the garlic in the pan I sauté lightly the cherries tomatoes


At the time that the garlic turns pink add a teaspoon of lobster’s pasta( for the flavour)


Cooking forwarded, add some  white fish toghether with langustine, and faded everything with the white wine (half a cup) over medium heat Always


Meanwhile I prepared the sauce,I cooked the pasta (linguine al nero di seppia) al dente


I Took off  the pasta al dente from the hot water, I put it directly into the sauce and I “saltato”(mixed) all to be sure everything is tasty



5 thoughts on “Linguine al nero… con Astice

  1. I love squid ink pasta and rice! They’re so tasty. Just the other day, I had squid ink risotto at a Japanese Pub. It was delicious. And by looking at your recipe and photos, I bet this dish is phenomenal! Love how you plate this too. Thanks for posting Massi. 🙂

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