Involtino di Radicchio al sapore di Tartufo

Radicchio is a mildly bitter tasting leafy vegetable. It is actually Italian Chicory. Some (the popular) varieties includes radicchio di Verona which looks like a small head of red lettuce and radicchio di Treviso that looks a bit like a red version of Belgium Endive. This vegetable is very popular in Italy and has gained in popularity in the United States in the last few years. It is eaten raw with just a bit of olive oil and salt, as well as mixed into a variety of salads. You may also see it on menus grilled or roasted or combined into other dishes such as risotto

I wanted to create something different to present this beautiful ‘vegetable, as the radicchio is bitter by nature .. I thought I’d serve it with a touch of originality.
Roulade Involtino di radicchio with truffle tagliatelle



bechamel sauche
cheese melting
parmesan cheese
salt, pepper
tagliatelle flavored with truffle
and cherry tomatoes for decoration


I began to remove the leaves of radicchio gently one by one from the shell of the radicchio and I made them boil for about 5 minutes in boiling water


I make them cool, and  I put them aside


Now cut into small pieces and the remaining radicchio and melting cheese, and in between I cook to al dente the tagliatelle


Now add the mixture of Tagliatelle with the béchamel sauce, cheese fondant and radicchio and a little grated parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste, mixing the whole.


Now that I have everything ready to begin to create the roulade, with the leaves of radicchio that are cold add the mixture of tagliatelle flavored with truffles in to the leaves, and rolled up the whole thing until I get a roll (if for you is difficult for you can use a piece of string)


finished making all (involtini)the rolls, add the béchamel sauce on top of each roll, put it in the oven at about 200 degrees for half an hour


And here is the presentation ..Enjoy it!!!

picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia



13 thoughts on “Involtino di Radicchio al sapore di Tartufo

  1. I love grilled radicchio! And recently I saw tagliatelle flavored with truffle at Costco, which I never usually see anywhere. I’ll have to give this one a try as it is just beautiful! Your dinner guests are sooooo lucky to have you cooking for them. 🙂 Thanks Massi for sharing your lovely recipe.

  2. Oh my oh my… this really *gluck… delicious just by looking at Ur photo! Awesome! Super like it! Really thank you for visiting me, so now I can see Ur blog also. I must show to my family this they gonna thrilled! I’ll be back to look more! Greetings 🙂

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