“Caprese Ponnato”

This recipe I wanted to do, for one simple reason, to show up that even with a few money you can eat divinely
 Normally this recipe(the originally name is Vitello Tonnato) is used Veal , but as we all know it costs a lot, so I thought to use chicken fillets.




  1. Eggs(boiled)
  2. Anchovis
  3. Capper
  4. Tuna fish(marineted in oil candy)
  5. Carrot
  6. Salt & black pepper
  7. Chiken fillet
  8. Vinegar

I put water in a pan with salt black pepper and vinegar and I added the carrot in this case I chose a big but you can also choose small size, cook until it becomes soft.


Meanwhile, after the eggs have been boiled (become hard) I’ve removed the shell and along with the tuna fish (marinated in the oil) with capers and anchovies, I shake it all off, until I got   creamy .


Now I got the chicken fillet, and I started in to make it flat (I use a pan)


I filled it with the creamy


Twined all with the plastic , until obtaining a shape of a “sausage”


With the water boiling in a pan add the rolled, and let cook for about 10 minutes.


You can use  the creativity to serve it, like you want, I used in the form of a Caprese salad, so the strange title.

Picts made by FotomaskaGrafia


Just like you see with a few money you can get a great dish.

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