Fagottino Rosso

Something different for my page” finger food” (il rustico),  I decided to make the crepes but not in the classic mode, but rather in something original …. Fagottino rosso
I know what you think but I think I have become accustomed to eating different from a traditional…
However, as I always say: Try and let me know



Is the same preparation of classis’s crepes , the only thing that I add in the mixture are the  BEETS, and I assure you that at the end of the procedure will not feel any taste of beets

With this data you can  make about .. 6 / 7 red crepes

  1. 3 Eggs
  2. circa 100 g Boiled Beets
  3. 125 grFlour
  4. 250 dl Milk


I put 3 eggs in the blinder with the  beets and I mix all together until the mixture is liquid


I sifted the flour and I added the flour in the mixture , stirring, slowly


Now that the mixture and a bit dry (with the addition of flour) add the milk and mix everything until it becomes cream


The mixuture must be like you seen onthe pict very cream


It’s time to make the crepes, in  a oleate pan with a paper napkin , every time I step in to  the pan  oiled and the pancake does not burn,

add the mixture and I let soft fried for a while for both side…and voila you get the Red pancakes.


After you’ve gotten the red pancake , can serve at your liking, as you can see in this photo, I served my dinner: with a filling of leeks some  cheese, and pancetta, I left the red pancake in the oven at about 20 degrees, almost crunchy (20 minutes)… and buon appetito ….

FotoMaskaGrafia’s picts



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