Polpettone di Tonno

Do you want to eat good but not fat and dont spend a lot money?
then, this a great recipe to present to your friends or family

Polpettone di Tonno



About 15 black olives
3 anchovy fillets
4 potatoes medium size boiled
2 canned tuna in (olive oil)
black pepper
olive oil as needed
chives as needed
3 eggs

Be accompanied by:

Spinach 500 gr
5 Boiled potatoes (Medium size)

Beans 500 gr

After boiled potatoes, crush them, and add a pinch of salt (let them cool down a bit)
Now that the potatoes are cold add the tuna without oil
The olives that you previously cut into small pieces and anchovies they too thinly cut, and at the end add an egg (whole).

Mixes the mixture until all that ingredients are mixed well between them

Mix all of them

Made the mixture as you can see in the pict, spread the mixture into a tray, add the other two eggs on both sides

Use the two other eggs

Now add the bread crumbs (such as when you make the cutlet).The most interesting part comes now because I do not fry the Polpettone.

Just like you make the cutlet

In a kitchen container add the baking paper with a bit of oil so that Polpettone does not burn

Put some oli ,not  any risk for burn

I insert it in the oven (yes you read that right) for about 30 minutes at 200 degrees

In the oven 30 minutes 200 degrees

Now serve it with some  boiled spinach and some  boiled potatoes and  some cooked beans,on the top of the vegetables you can add some olive oil

try and let me know 🙂

Spinach potatoes beans Boiled

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia

served with

served with


5 thoughts on “Polpettone di Tonno

  1. So inventive – and cost-effective. 🙂 One cannot go wrong with anchovy, tuna, olives and potatoes – this is such a lovely flavor combination. I have eaten these foods on a salad, but never thought to make a loaf. A great family dish – nice job.

    Your presentation is beautiful. The photo where the colorful centerpiece is highlighted and the two angled tuna loaves are slightly blurred is really cool!

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