Trottole al Giallo con Salsiccia

I breathe the air of Easter time, because my sister gave me a nice surprise, sent me from Italy ‘a good gift “of typical Calabrian sausages handmade”

 It give a lot of memories ( when I was child.)
So I decided to make a simple recipe but on the same time must be special:

                                                          ” Trottole al Giallo con Salciccia “

                             For those who want to try can also use bacon, or mortadella, or pice of meat

                                                  (it is important that it is cuted into blocks)

Ingredients for 4 people:

  1. 3 Sweet peppers(yellow)

  2. 1 Sweet pepper (Red )

  3. A quarter of a white onion

  4. Olio di oliva( extra virgin)

  5. Salt and Pepper to taste

  6. 350 gr Pasta (small size)

  7. Some Parmesan Cheese to taste

  8. 400 gr Fresh Sausage(diferent meat is else possible)

Begin to put the sweetpeppers in the oven to roast (without oil)

               for about an hour at 200 degrees

In the meanwhile  when the peppers are getting ready,

           cut a quarter of  onion finely,

add it  in a pan with some oil,and begins to slowly fry.

Now that the onions became soft you can put on pan the sausages (or meat)

fry toghether  , and keep the heat on medium

In the meantime you can  boil the water for the pasta with some  salt

Now I remove sweet peppers from the oven,

 and put them in a plastic bag, and lets get it cold on the plastic bag,

this technique if you do it,is  for good allows you to easily remove the skin from the peppers

Now that all the skin of the sweet peppers are  removed,

put the yellow sweet peppers in a blender,

and blend everything until the mixture is mashed

The Cooking of  pasta is ready (al dente),

put it together (pasta and the mixture of yellow sweet peppers)

 make sure that take the taste (mix all ) if you want add a bit of parmesan

Now you can serve them.

Thanks Sorella (sister):) for the nice gift

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


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