Saltimbocca alla Romana

For dinner as a guest i had my brother in law(John)

with him to cook is  a pleasure because,he appreciates the delicate flavors.

So I decided to make a menu a bit special, and as a main dish I chose to make,  Saltimbocca alla Romana.

Classic recipe of Italian cuisine (the true origins of this recipe are, as you can see from the title, from Rome).

Ingredients for 4 people

8 Slices of veal 70 g each

  1. 8 slices Parma ham

  1. 20 sage leaves

  2. Salt and pepper to taste

  3. Half  glass of white wine

  4. Approximately 100 g flour

  5. toothpicks (8)

  6. Olio di Oliva (extra virgin)and some botter

It is very important that the veal slices are cut very finely, as you can see from the photo

I also use a saucepan to make them even thinner (slamming from both sides)

In a bowl put the flour, and begin to dust with flour on both sides of the slices of  veal

Now that the veal slices have become all white,

begin to put the slices of ham on top of each slice of veal,

and on top of the  Parma ham  add the leaves of sage
strengthen the things around with toothpicks, as you can see from the picture

I think ,now,  I do differently from the classic recipe,

in the pan add the remaining leaves of sage ,

and I make them fry lightly (in butter and olive oil) so the oil and butter take the flavor

Now  add the slices of veal and fry them  both sides,

at the same time blend them with the white wine,

and in this way, I get also a sauce to be added over the saltimbocca alla Romana

With  the Saltimbocca alla Romana i served mashed  Spinach and potatoes .

At the end of the evening I think my brother in law was very happy
is correct John?? 🙂

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


22 thoughts on “Saltimbocca alla Romana

  1. O ciccioooooooo!!!!
    me le son guardate tutte….
    mi fai venire una fame!!!!
    Ciao carissimo…ci sono poco
    divisa tra una cosa e l’altra!!

    Sei troppo bravo a fotografare …la pappa!
    baci baci

  2. Massi- This dish has such lovely flavors with the tender veal, crisp white wine and earthy sage. I like that you added an extra textural element by crisping the sage. Your brother-in-law John is surely as lucky – as he is happy – after enjoying this meal. Delicious! Best – Shanna

    • he is very Lucky..:) thank you Shanna for you warm and lovely comment.
      as you see at this moment I’m in Italy…..this is the reason I’m not oftenon line:)

      • Hi, Massi – I have read about the two crises in Italy, one with the prime minister and the other involving massive flooding and disaster in Sardinia. My warmest, most caring thoughts are with Italy and it’s people. Take good care – Shanna

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