Polpette Patate e Spinaci

I start to say that i dont know if this recipe is all ready knows  all of you.
 I made some boiled potatoes,and some spinach formy dinner(a bit to much),

and I keep it for the next day (just because i’m used dont throw anything away  about food )

I made some vegetables Balls.

Ingredients for 4 person

Spinach (boiled)(500 gr)

Potatoes(boiled)4 medium size

Grated cheese 100gr

Green Olive  to taste

Sunflower oil 1 liter

Breadcrumbs 100 gr

Garlic 1

1 Egg

I mashed potatoes and spinach with a egg,

some grated cheese, green olives (finely chopped) and a bit of bread crumbs,

I mixed everything, and with the palms of the hands I made balls of medium size.

In a dish, I added some crumb bread with a bit of garlic and some grated cheese, I mixed the whole and I turned my balls in it.

Now that the balls of vegetables are ready………. can be fried in hot oil, I use sunflower oil

I am very pleased with the success of this recipe, if you have the desire to try,

it’s always nice  if you let me know:)

                                                                                                                                                                                Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


4 thoughts on “Polpette Patate e Spinaci

  1. These sound delicious and being fried, I bet they were! What I really like is your ingenuity, pulling together some leftovers to create something completely new. Well done!

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