Gnocchi al Salmone e Gamberetti

Do you want impresse your family or you friends ,with easy but delicious dish?
this is the right recipes for them.

Gnocchi al Salmone e Gamberetti

Ingredients for 4 person:

Gnocchi 500 gr

100 gr Smoked Salmon

200 gr Shrimps

Chives to taste

Half glass white wine

Salt & peper to taste

Olive oil

Start with Chives cuted very thin

In  A Pan with some oil put the thin  chives and the shrimps,and the salmon,

let it cooking verysoftly.

When start to get dry you can put the white wine and let fade the alcohol,

and  in the mean time ,

boil some water with some salt to cook the Gnocchi.

This part its veryfunny( because,this  is the only ingredient that let you know when its coked,you cannot make wrong)

Let cook the gnocchi,they will be  be ready in the moment they come on the top of water.

Now you can put the Gnocchi with the shrimp and the Smoked salmon all together,

and let them in the pan to take a tasty ,after a while you can serve them …

…So you have make it, the dish,quicly easy and …Delicious!!!

Pictures take by FotomaskaGrafia

Gnocchi al Salmone e Gamberetti


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