Insalata di Asparagi…

.…I really like it..

the asparagus,doesnt matter if they are green or white.

Finally you can buy the Asparagus  on the market after a bad period with a climate,(to cold)

I choose to make a salade with green and white Asparagus ,served with a poched egg(s)r and with the
egg yolk you can make a nice sauce.Let see how I  Maked

Ingredients for 4 person

500 gr White Asparagus

500 gr Green Asparagus

4 eggs

Garden Salade

Grated Parmesan cheese to taste


Start by cleaning all the asparagus with a potato peeler,

and cut the bottom of the asparagus

(tough and not can use it to make   a soup)

Now you let them cook half of the asparagus

(white and green for about 15 minutes)

for asparagus ‘s pot with boiling water and a pinch of salt

The other half of the asparagus

(white and green)

cut it into small pieces and use to create the contrast

The same thing you do with the asparagus cooked,

cut into small pieces

In another pot, cook over a water and baking reached,

add a little white vinegar,

now that everything is ready,

begins to put the eggs one by one,

when they begin to become thick,

you can remove them and serve on the top of the salad ,

to give even more flavor and color the salad,

I rolled the  pancetta with asparagus(one white ande one green).

On the top of it, I putted the grated Parmesan cheese.

Ps. You can serve it, with some   vinaigrette: 

oil and fresh yellow lemon

Try and let me know…..

Pictures made by FotomaskaGrafia


12 thoughts on “Insalata di Asparagi…

    • You have to try(im sure you will never stop it)becareful with a diuretic:), they are very nice. The white one is more delicated on the palate
      thank you for you nice comment:)

  1. Locally grown asparagus are just beginning to appear in our markets, Massi, and do I ever enjoy them. Your salad is so beautifully presented and your photography could not have shown it in a better light. This was a wonderful post.

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