Risotto con Asparagi

On those day finally we get sunshine….and like you know ,i really like the Asparagus,
And, this time I choose to make a Risotto with Asparagus(green and white).

Make risotto is still diffucult for a lot people …. (just follow the istruction and will be easy):)

You need to have the right Italian rice ,I use “Risotto Carnaroli”  Superfino(in 13 minutes is cooked  al dente)
I find the risotto Carnaroli the best to make a “Pregievoli and tasty Risotti”

ingredients for 4 person

400 gr Rice  Carnaroli

500 gr green Asparagus

500 gr White Asparagus

Glass white wine

Parmesan cheese grated

Botter to taste

Salt and pepper

1 liter vegetables broth

half white onion

Some Olive Oil(extra virgin)


Start to clean the Green Asparagus  you need only to be cutted

(I mean,cut  the bottom and you can throw  it away or you can make a soep)

cut the middle and just for now keep it on the side.

The  green asparagus tops  keep it in other side.

With the white Asparagus first you need to take off the skin (I use the vegetable peeler Knife)

after you finish to take oof the skin,

you can cut in 3 different parts
The bottom ( you can throw away  or you can make a soep)

the middel you can put together with the green Asparagus)

and the white  asparagus tops put them together with the green Asparagus

          Now Take the middle Asparagus white and green

and put on vegetables broth and let them cook until they get soft.

Now that are soft you can mixer it on the vegetable broth

      ..let cook in very soft fire to keep hot.

In a Frying Pan with some olive oil(extra virgin)and

a touch of white onion,let fried very soft

when start to get soft,you can add the tops of the white and green asparagus,

 keep fried very soft.

Now you can add the rice  add some broth

let dry it  with the flame of the fire turn on high,

now you can faded with some white wine ,let evaporate the alcohol.

put all the vegetable broth on it

and let the rice cooking for 12 minutes

lets cooked with  veg broth

 After 12 minutes you can switch the fire off,

Now you can creamed(Mantecare) the risotto with some Parmesan cheese and the botter

(tips) ,to let get rest the risotto without anything do

After it you can serve it very hot

picts made by FotomaskaGrafia


12 thoughts on “Risotto con Asparagi

  1. Risotto with asparagus is a real treat every Spring and your recipe sounds delicious. Using the asparagus stalks to make broth is a great idea! Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    • Thank you for the question
      Its parmesan cheese Basket (grated parmesan cheese,I fried it and when start to smell,I put on the glasses top,start to get cold and you have the form …. I have my small basket) you can eat it with the risotto,its nice combination:)

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