Casereccia al Tonno

Looking into the store where I buy most of the pasta, I found this type” Casareccia, which
makes me remember when my mother the same indentical kneading dough pasta
So buy it, and I wanted to try to do the same sauce that my mother did on Sunday,
Homemade pasta with tuna

Ingredients for 4 people

400 g Pasta Casareccia
2 canned oil  Tuna Fish
100gr Black olives
50  Gr (2 )Anchovis
1 garlic
500gr cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
Fresh basil

Very easy to make it

Cut the garlic into small pieces, and do the same thing with the anchovies,

in a pan put the oil that you take  from the two canned tuna,( add them in the pan )

and let fry until the anchovies are completely dry in the pan

Now cut the tomatoes into small pieces (cherry tomatoes)

and black olives and the oregano add them together with the garlic and anchovies

and continue frying always a slow fire,

and every now mix everything

Meanwhile, the sauce is cooking, you can boil water with added salt, so facilitating the time.

When the tomatoes begin to make the sauce, you can add the tuna,

leave for a few minutes

so that everything will be taken of flavor.
When cooked ready, you might as well serve the Casereccia al Tonno
seen … quick and easy;)

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


13 thoughts on “Casereccia al Tonno

  1. This looks wonderful, Massi. Although I haven’t seen this pasta before, I have had a sauce with tuna and enjoyed it very much. I’m sure yours is very delicious.

  2. Got to go against this one . . . I like that particular pasta, but pasta should never have to suffer from competing ingredients. Maybe a little butter, a touch of salt, and that’s all one needs to enjoy pasta.

    . . . but I’m sure most others will like it.

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