Mini Caprese al Limone

I Would start this recipe with a question
How many people know which taste has the fresh  basil?
The tasty is lemon,and today I have this recipe for you…

Mini Caprese at lemon tasty.


Some fresh Basil

Lemon Pesto

Fresh cherry tomates

Mini mozzarella cheese


I marineted all the mini mozzarella cheese in the lemon pesto and I let 2hours in the fridge

I started to put the cheese in the toothpick after I put the leaf of basil,

and finally I cut the bottom of the tomato,

and I put it also in the toothpick

It might be a good idea to present the mini caprese to the guests

with a glass of Prosecco wine and serve the whole thing as an aperitif

FotoMaskaGrafia picts


21 thoughts on “Mini Caprese al Limone

  1. Looks great, only i would replace the jar of pesto with fresh pesto, thats true Italian cooking Massi. Home made pesto keeps for weeks in the fridge. Pop over to my blog and check out my basil, pistachio and pink garlic recipe.

    P.S, love your blog

    • thank you you stop to my blog..
      its true whats you say,but then I have lo leave in Genova for the really pesto,not with Pistacchio,but with pinoli and pecorino cheese and the really basil from Genova and olio di Oliva.
      thats is the really pesto!
      I love your blog too.

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