Zucchina ripiena al forno….

Again a easy reciep with a lot tasty

Yesterday  I have been on the Store and I saw this zucchina  rotonda ,its not usually to see this kind of vegetable on The regolar store,so i was so  happy,its remember a lot to me,because when i was young.
I ate a lot in this time, moreover, because they were grown in the home garden, I still remember that the plant grew throughout the summer, and covered the entire entrance of the house.
I thought I’d cook it in the oven, with a thought that summer is coming.
P.S I will see u again about 3 weeks….(I go visit my mother)

round courgettes
canned tuna
salt & peper to taste
black olives
Olive Oil (extra virgin)
Parmesan cheese, cut into small pieces

Put to boil water,

add the zucchini and let them boil for 20 minutes cooking ready,

let them cool, and take them off the soft pulp inside.

The preparation of rice is  the same as when you make the risotto,

in this case here you need to let it cool

(mix with a little oil to make it stay soft)

Finely cut, the rest of the ingredients (tuna, capers, etc.)

along with the pulp of zucchini, put it all together on the cold  rice,

and now you can add in the cup of zucchini, put it in the oven at 200 degrees for about half an hour

Et voila ,easy recipe but very tasty and low calory

picts are made by FotoMaskaGrafia


15 thoughts on “Zucchina ripiena al forno….

  1. I use pasta for something like this. Rice would be every bit as good, if not better. Thanks, Massi, for sharing a great recipe. Have a wonderful visit with your Mother.

  2. Interesting recipe. I never thought of putting zucchina with tuna. Thank you for the visit and the like of my post “Flower Fireworks”.

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