Risotto al Salmone con Porri

This summer is very strange,in the South of Europe is very warm,and in the north of Europe is the weather not stabiel(most of the time not warm)

I use my fantasy to have everytime warm ,and try to enjoy the summer food,

like this Risotto with Leek and Smoked Salmon,very fresh to the tasty,and can be served also cold.

Risotto al Salmone con Porri

Ingrdient for 4 person:

Risotto Carnaroli 300 gr

Smoked Salmon 200 gr

Fish broth(1 liter)

Half glass white wine

Leeks ( 2 X)

Olive oil(extra vergin) to taste

Black pepper to taste

Butter to taste

Start with putting a bit of extra virgin olive oil in the pan,

and when it starts to get hot, add the leeks that you cut in the shape of the ring, let fry lightly,

at the end add  the rice and let it toast

After it Add  the  smoked salmon, mixed everything,

and moisten with half a glass of white wine, let the  alcohol evaporate.

After the alcohol has evaporated, you can add the fish broth,

make it cooking about 20 minutes

Now that the risotto has finished cooking turn off the heat and add a bit of butter,

close the pan with a lid and let the rice rest with  the butter for about 5 minutes,

after that mix everything until the risotto becomes creamy

Picts are made by FotomaskGrafia


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