Carbonara con Salmone Affumicato

During my holiday in Italy,a friend of mine invited me  to eat in a new restaurantI,when we arrived at  place,You  shouldn’t say from the outside  it was  a restaurantI, looked the menu I was surprised when I saw that the Pasta Carbonara,was served with smoked swordfish.
I have  order one  and I can tell you…it was really delicious!
here in Holland it is  not easy to find the smoked swardfish(if anybody knows where i can get it…please….let me know)
 Instead of swordfish I used Smoked Salmon,and I used Linguine instead of spaghetti,very easy to make it.
it is also really nice!



Pecorino Cheese


Salt Pepper

Olive Oil (extra virgin)

Smoked Salmon

Start to fried the smoked Salmon with a bit olive oil in the pan(in the mean time let the spaghetti cooking in the water)

When the linguine is cooked al dente,put them in pan with the smoked salmon

,after it,

Put on the top the pecorino cheese and the eggs inside of the linguine,

mix all it and if its a bit dry, you can put some hot water   that has been cooked with the linguine.

Dont forget …the original Carbonara is without Cream!

picts are by FotomaskaGrafia


26 thoughts on “Carbonara con Salmone Affumicato

  1. I look at your photo of this beautiful dish, Massi, and I can almost smell the smoked salmon. This is a delicious recipe. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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