Noce di mozzarelle con pesche

Inviting friends for a drink?

  I can  do something different from the normal, something that satisfies both the palate and the warm

and nice combination too with a lovely rose wine or even white wine,

I presented the peaches with mozzarelline  cheese .


olive oil
 mozzarelline cheese
Salt pepper

Washed mint and parsley, mix with olive oil, salt and lemon juice. You’ll have to get a smooth sauce from green color

thinly slice the peaches (preferably with a slicing machine) as you can  seen in the picture

Tagliare finemente le pesche

Easy to prepare, now you can use a bit of creativity to serve the whole thing together,

with mozzarelline cheese and peaches with green sauce.

What I’ve see at  the end? I think the idea has been successful .
Pict made by FotoMaskaGrafia


12 thoughts on “Noce di mozzarelle con pesche

  1. A beautiful dish, Massi, and so flavorful. How nice for your guests to be served something so creative! By the way, I have a slicer very much like the one in your photo. It was a gift from my Zia. Now I have a completely new use for it, slicing peaches. 🙂

  2. I love in the summer to use this nice flavour in the kitchen,after you eat you feel fit, I’m Glad to know that you can use it:)thank you John!

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