Ceci con Gamberetti

This chickpea salad shrimp and rucola can be  served as a main dish

or as a rich side dish   and also as starter

and is very easy to make.

Red onion
Fish broth
Salt & pepper

Begin to lightly fry the shrimp with the anchovies and some oil,

and occasionally add  some fish broth,

after they  took the flavor, you can remove from the pan.

Now   leave to cool  the shrimp, meanwhile cut the onion and the  rucola.
Mix everything with chickpeas and shrimps

and you all ready have the  dish

Now you have the chooise to serve this healthy dish with some olive oil

or you can make a nice  sauce with the rest of the fish broth

 I served it with the broth fish sauce

I put some flour in the fish broth ,lets cook  and mix all

when start to get creamy,you can serve on the dish (USE THE FILTER)

Picts Made by FotoMaskaGrafia


7 thoughts on “Ceci con Gamberetti

  1. This sounds like a great recipe, Massi, and I love that you started it with anchovies. They must being a great deal of flavor to the dish. Your photography, as always, is top-notch. 🙂

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