Peperoni ripieni al forno

Again a very easy recipe but good on the palate as very well to serve as an appetizer

Peperoni ripieni al forno

Peperoni ripieni al forno


sweet peppers
minced meat eggs,
 bread ground to taste,
 basil leaves,
 grated parmesan cheese,
 salt and pepper,
 olive oil



Begin to put the sweet  peppers into the mixer and blend together until get a creamy liquid

Mixer the Paprika

Mixer the Paprika

Now add the eggs, minced meat ground Parmesan and leaves of basilicoil salt and pepper to taste,

and mix everything,

now add the cream of the sweet pepper  into the mixture ,

continue to mix until everything has got to taste and the mixture has  color

red color

red color

In a baking tray and add the oil with the help of a brush, make sure that the tray gets oiled

Oiled all the tray

Oiled all the tray

Cut the peppers in half, and fill them with the mixture that you have previously obtained, put in the oven everything for an hour at about 200 degrees


200 degrees

Easy and very tasty enjoy it!

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia

Peperoni ripieni al forno

Peperoni ripieni al forno


27 thoughts on “Peperoni ripieni al forno

  1. My Mother made stuffed peppers in a way similar to this, Massi. I bet yours are every bit as delicious and, once again, your photography is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your recipe.

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