Tramezzini con crema di Melanzane

Again a easy recipe with a tasty of Aubergine,which you can serve it as an aperitif with a glass of prosecco as well as lunch

basil leaves
a head of garlic
sliced ​​bread (bread “Pancarre” used to make the sandwiches)
soft cheese eggplant
salt and pepper

Peel the Aubergine  into strips, cut them in blocks and

let them cook in boiling water

for about 10 minutes

Peel the garlic and cut the cheese into small pieces,

now put the  aubergines

(removed by cooking and drained)

in a blender along with the rest of the ingredient (salt, pepper, cheese, basil, and garlic)

blend everything until you get a solid compound and creamy.

Reached the solid mixture and creamy …

begins to spread the mixture of Aubergine over the bread,

so you got a sandwich with Aubergine cream.

Foto made by FotoMaskaGrafia


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