Risotto Autunnale

Season of aubergines is almost over, to the supermarkets you can buy eggplants at a reasonable price.
I wanted to eat a good risotto, so I decided to pair it with the aubergine and cheese.
Definitely a successful choice.



Exta virgin olive oil


,grated parmesan cheese
glass white wine,

half onion,

Soft cheese (like provola cheese)

fresh tomates,


vegetable broth.

Begin to cut the onion and the eggplant as you see in the picture

Add the oil to the pan and just is heated begins to brown the onion, and then also add aubergine.

Now that the onion and eggplant is browned,

you can add the rice and brown soon as you finish the rice,

wets everything with a half glass of white wine.

As  the alcohol evaporated away, you can add fresh tomatoes cut into small pieces

As you can see from the photo, I have now added the vegetable broth,

cook for about 20 minutes,

 occasionally mixes everything

When cooked reached, turn off the heat

  add the soft cheese with Parmesan, ground, and finally a bit of butter,

put a cover the pan,

and let rest for about 5 minutes.
At the end of the procedure mix everything and serve it hot.

PICTS MADE BY FotoMaskaGrafia

PICTS made by FotoMaskaGrafia


26 thoughts on “Risotto Autunnale

    • I know John,what you mean,but in this moment in Italy,you have two kind of kitchen,THE classic,and THE new Italiaan kitchen,and I reall like to see how They make a new performance…if you try I’m sure,you Will not be disappointed.
      Have a Nice week end.

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