Paglia e Fieno con Porcini e Zucca

Autumn,is the time, like everybody knows, of the pumpkin, and of course I couldn’t miss it to make a  nice dish with this beautiful fruit.
The receipt I have seen  a long time ago at my friends restaurant Gianni’s in Italy. His chef prepaired the dish  very well with cream. Maybe you have noticed on my dishes I try not to use cream and so I made it with a different system.
And of course,for me it was a new challenge. Just follow how I did it and I am sure you will not be disappointed…:)


Paglia e fieno (  Pasta )
Salt & pepper to taste
Soft cheese( provola…)
Parmesan cheese
Extra virgin olive oil
Garlic to taste
 Dry Porcini (mushroom)

Start clean the pumpkin and cutted it in small piece ( as you see on the pict )

I let the mushrooms at least 6 hours in the water, to soften

Cut some garlic in small piece and with some oil start to cook very lightly  the pumpkin
and when start dry the cooking ,just fill in the pan,

  the water of the porcini (is get tasty too)

,you do this until the pumpkin start to get soft.

Now you can add the porcini and keep cooking very softly,until you get the taste of it.

….And if you want you can add the cream …..

but as you can see I have been use the soft cheese(provola)

I mix until all the  cheese melts in the rest of the  ingredient and all the compost is get creamy.

I found that is even better with the cheese than the cream.may you let me know….?

pics made by FotoMaskaGrafia

31 thoughts on “Paglia e Fieno con Porcini e Zucca

  1. Se avessi potuto mi sarei mangiata la foto da tanta è stata l’acquolina che mi hai fatto venire con questa ricetta, dettagliata in ogni minimo passaggio e corredata dalle succulente foto. Slurp Massi, slurp slurp 🙂
    Ciaooo, buona serata e buon fine settimana

  2. OH, MY. I adore pasta dishes that use fresh vegetables (pumpkin and porcini sounds like an inspired combination!), delicious cheese, fresh pasta and olive oil. How delectable. Your colors are so pretty, too, between the green spinach fettucini and orange pumpkin! I often use cheese instead of cream, too! 🙂 I have found that a soft cheese melts beautifully into an stock or liquid. Beautiful preparation – tasty and nutritious. I love it – great cooking!

    • Wow!!
      you analyze is really diepth,but,correct,I’m really gelosy of ou ;-)the way you write…,thank you!
      ,Shanna you have to try its very Nice and delicious,
      the secret in this dish is the pumpkin,must get good soft……
      Have you a nice week end my dear:)

      • Ah, yes – fresh pumpkin is important. It is the perfect season here for scrumptious, perfectly in-season squash varieties. I look forward to trying it. Your recipes are well-written and you take great photos – keep it up! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.

  3. 0ra le zucche sono pronte ( ciò è dovuto ad halloween?) ben dolci e mature per piatti succulenti, questo ancora da provare
    come al solito scatti magnifici
    buon fine settimana amico

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