Spezzatino di Maiale con latte

 I prefer to eat  the  white meat because  is more digestible and low in fat,

it makes you lose weight fast times,

does not overload the kidneys, does not jeopardize the arteries.
And this time  I used the fillet of pork,

to make again a easy recipes

“pork stew with milk   “

    ( easy and low cost)

Ingredient :
Pork fillets
Salt & pepper ( to taste)
White wine( to taste)
Olive oil for Fryng

Cut the  the fillets of pork into small pieces and  depth  in the flour ,

meanwhile, cut the onion-shaped ring

In pan with boiling water you cook the potatoes,

which had previously cuted into small pieces,

Let them cook for about 20 minutes longer to become almost soft.

Into the pan to fry, add  some oil and the onion,and let  fryng slowly,

now add the meat and continue to cook it slowly over low heat,

when the meat begins to brown on both sides,

add the white wine and continue to cook until alcohol has evaporated.

Now that the alcohol is evaporated,

add the potatoes and finally the milk,

let it cook until you get a creamy sauce.

 Buon Appetito..

Picts made by FotomaskaGrafia

17 thoughts on “Spezzatino di Maiale con latte

  1. Adesso fotografi anche le varie fasi di preparazione e cottura?
    wow! Sorrido perchè ti vedo, hai il cappello da cuoco!
    Un bacio e complimenti …bravo, preciso…ottimo profumo!

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