Gamberoni gratinati al Forno

Still the summer is so far away

,but,believe me with this dish and if  you just use a bit of fantasy,

(close your eyes and smell the flavors that leaves this dish)you can get the feeling that is all ready summer….:)

and is very easy to make it.





                          Olive oil(extra virgin)


             Salt & pepper

Cut the prawns in half, as you see in the picture

Put the garlic, breadcrumbs, and parsley in a blender, add some oil, salt and pepper, and mix everything.
If the mixture is still a little wet add some more breadcrumbs  to the mixture  and let get  thick
  Add the mixture to the prawns, and put it  in the oven for about 40 minutes at 180 degrees,

and you will feel in the summer for  the good smell that  they emanate.

If you have time let me know ….:)

picts made by Fotomaskagrafia


14 thoughts on “Gamberoni gratinati al Forno

  1. Dopo diversi giorni che mangio al volo quello che mi capita, questa è una vera e proprio torturaaaaaaaaaa.
    Caspiterina quando sono buoni i Gamberoni gratinati, però me li devi pulire tu, poi al resto ci penso io, credo di esserne capace hihihi. Ehmmm toccare pesce e carne cruda mi fa un po’ senso, se posso evito. Eh che ci vuoi fare, sono una frana, te l’ho già detto ahahha
    Ciao caro Massi, ottimo articolo e ottime foto. Bravissimo come sempre!!!!

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