…Crema di latte

The milk cream is a cream base, prepared with simple ingredients.
You can use it to fill cakes, but also to serve as a pudding (dolce al cucchiaio)

Crema di latte







Boil the  milk and add the vanilla, as soon as the milk has reached the correct cooking, add the sugar and cornstarch filtered (to avoid lumps)
mix well with a whisk affinche both all become creamy,
let it cool, and then add the whipped cream, mixed from top to bottom to all the mixture becomes thick and creamy.
Easy to make and tasty to eat

Crema di Latte

Pict made by FotoMaskaGrafia


13 thoughts on “…Crema di latte

  1. Sicuramente buonissima, ma se io la mangio schiatto con l’intolleranza che mi ritrovo al latte uffi uffi.
    Però mi tenta e non poco 🙂
    Molto bella la presentazione in foto, wowwww
    Ciao, un salutone, Pat

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