Vermicelli di Riso ( Rice Mihoen) con Carne

In my home we really else enjoy Asian food, so I decided to show you what I made last night for dinner.
Vermicelli di riso with meat (Mihoen of rice with meat)
This is a very easy recipe to prepare combined with oyster sauce, and ginger.

Logically, I made my own way,to adding flour to the meat in order to get a creamy taste


Oyster sauce
Extra-virgin olive oil
hot pepper
Sliced ​​beef
salt & pepper to taste
Rice Vermicelli (Mihoen)

In the meantime, I let  boil the broccoli for a few minutes, cut the garlic, hot pepper and ginger

I fry everything (garlic hot pepper and ginger)in olive oil extra virgin

add the meat in the flour as you can see in the picture

I add both meat and broccoli together with the garlic and ginger to hot pepper,

keep cooking until the meat get medium wel ,

and finally add the oyster sauce, make sure that all the ingredients get all the flavor,

and serve it with vermicelli rice that had previously cooked

Pics made by Fotomaskagrafia


16 thoughts on “Vermicelli di Riso ( Rice Mihoen) con Carne

  1. Però, mica male questa ricetta. Ma io ormai sono diventata quasi vegetariana, mangio rarissimamente carne. Pensa che questa sera abbiamo preso la pizza, ma io no, ho preso il panino di pizza con dentro solo verdure. E che vuoi farci mi è presa così da un po’ di tempo!! Ma sono sicura che ieri per te è stato un successone!!!
    Ciao, tanti auguri di Buona Pasqua dalla strana Pat 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous dish. Your meat looks perfectly cooked and so juicy, tender and succulent. The broccoli is so crisp and bright green. I can tell the food was still hot when you took the photo! Yum! If I can find the oyster sauce and rice noodles, I’ll try this tonight! I love Asian food.

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