Rigatoni con Asparagi bianchi in crema verde

The asparagus contain few calories, are particularly suitable for this weight-loss diets. They have cleansing properties, as well as a high content of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium and low in sodium.

Green Asparagus:
Sprout outdoors, have a strong flavor and their bud has a sweet taste. It’s just that asparagus does not need to be peeled.
White Asparagus:
Are grown in the absence of light during growth. They have a delicate flavor.

Both Asparagus I wanted to introduce in a very suggestive way:




vegetable broth
salt to taste
white asparagus
green asparagus
Olive oil

Start with peeling white asparagus (greens as we read above do not need)

In the meantime, boil the asparagus in the vegetable broth,

when become soft,

blend it all until you’ve got a thick cream

Boil the white asparagus in a pan,add a little olive oil and a bit of cream of asparagus and let fried the salmon,

when the salmon begins to cook add the rest of the cream and the boiled white asparagus.
In the meantime, let cook (I used rigatoni) pasta in the boiling water with salt,

I cook the pasta until is al dente (half hard).
I add the pasta in the cream of asparagus,

mix it everything over low heat,

and when the pasta has reached the desired flavor can serve it in the dish.

For me it was diffucult to choose the pictures

Which one  you should choose?the first one or the ast one?

Picts are made by FotoMaskaGrafia.


9 thoughts on “Rigatoni con Asparagi bianchi in crema verde

  1. Oddio svengo, si avvicina l’orario del pranzo e tu mi presenti questa prelibatezza. Si si, io svengo perché me la mangerei molto, ma molto volentieri!!! Stupenda ricetta, devo trovare qualcuno che me la prepari a tutti i costi, io proprio non ce la farei in questo periodo, sono sempre chiusa in ufficio 🙂
    Ciao, bacione. Pat

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