Mackerel fish is one of the most used and appreciated of the Mediterranean diet

Properties and benefits of mackerel

The flavor is intense and strong and the flesh soft, mackerel is a reservoir of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3.

These fatty acids “good” are critical to the health of our heart because they help to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol “bad” in the blood; also help us to keep your brain in shape and to protect us from inflammation especially of the digestive system.

It will be for all of these qualities that mackerel is a fish very durable since it can live up to 17 years!






tomato passata,

bread crumbs,


Smoked Mackerel,

Salt and pepper.



I Took off  all the bones that were in the mackerel( easy way: with the hands)

I finely chopped the fennel, clove of garlic, and chili pepper

Sauté with some  oil  the garlic and  chilipepper ,

When both   starts to become soft add the tomato passata,

continue to cook until the sauce has not been taken the flavor with garlic and chilli.

Now add the fennel.

As soon as everything is well blended with flavor,

add the mackerel continues for a few minutes to cook.
When it starts to dry add the  linguine al dente(mix everithing) and serve  the LINGUINE  with the bread crumbs, as you can see in the photo.

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


  1. I really do enjoy mackerel, Massi, and know I would love this dish. I need to be on the look-out for smoked mackerel, though. I don’t remember seeing it but I’ll ask around. This dish looks too good not to try.

  2. Buonissima ricetta, mi piace molto lo sgombro, appena mi è possibile lo mangio sempre molto volentieri.
    Bello rileggerti dopo tanto tempo, eri praticamente sparito 🙂
    Un salutone e un abbraccio, Pat

    • Che sorpresa:)Pat
      ma allora non hai chiuso
      Negli ultimi tempi ho avuto un gran da fare con nuove tecniche per la fotografia,ed oltretutto non avevo molta ispirazione nella cucina.
      Tu quando riprendi il blog ,dopo le vacanze?
      un abbraccio

      • Nooo non ho chiuso il blog, è provvisoriamente chiuso. Conto di riprendere appena possibile, ho pochissimo tempo libero e non riesco a seguire come vorrei, quindi preferisco lasciarlo in stand by 🙂
        Un grande abbraccio, Pat

    • Thank you for the question.
      You can try with the capers(there is one kind of capers are big size,and are very tasty and sour)it will be a nice combination too.

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