Lasagne “al ragut” di Zucca

I would like to present a different version of Lasagna,

its prepared with a new taste and its easy prepare as the classic version.



Half white onion

Lasagne ricciola

Salt and pepper


Mushroom broth

Olive oil

Minced meat


After cleaning the skin of the pumpkin and removed the seeds,

the first half of pumpkin cutting in pieces with the onion  as you can see on the image.

I frying very light the first half Pumpkin cutting in piece and the onion with the olive oil

after it

for about 20 minutes I will cook in the mushroom broth, with a some black pepper and few salt.

At the same time cut into pieces the mushrooms and the rest of the half of the pumpkin


Spent approximately 20 minutes ,

after it

with a mixer I blend everything until the mixture is became liquid



In a frying pan lightly fry the mushrooms and pumpkin,

when everything starts to become dry add the liquid of pumpkin, and add the Minced meat

let it cook until  everything is very taste

to you….”ragut of pumpkin”


In a empty panful as see in the image add butter in all sides(do not burn it and is easy to clean)



Start with a layer of lasagna riccia

and then, a layer of ragut of pumpkin and at the end some pieces of cheese

doing in this way until the panful is full

on the top I added some grated cheese with a bit bread ground

 on this way  get the top crispy.



Let the lasagna in the oven at 180 degrees for almost three-quarters of the time.


Just try and let meknow:)

Pictures made by FotoMaskaGrafia


7 thoughts on “Lasagne “al ragut” di Zucca

  1. Uhmmmm che ricetta supergolosa, sicuramente buonissima.
    Allora oltre ad essere un ottimo fotografo sei pure un ottimo cuoco…. e chissà quali altre qualità hai che ancora devo scoprire 🙂
    Un abbraccio, Pat

    • Qui tutto bene, grazie:)
      da molto che non ti fai sentire(sicuramente sempre in giro)
      da provare le Lasagne al “ragut di Zucca”
      vedrai che non rimmarrai delusa.

    • Thank you!
      A type of lasagna which is called RICCIA “Curly”, because it has the wave on the sides(you can see else on the pictur).
      You can use the normal lasagna,is the same
      If you will make it,I’m sure you will be not disappointed:)
      Enyoy 🙂

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