As you know I have been away for a while (Italy) and I had the ‘honer to watch how has been made it a    wonderful recipe,


Besides, I’m very proud because the recipe comes from my sister’s proposal, so I had besides the  opportunity to take pictures as I would always to take them in black and white.


Plain Flour


 Brewer’s yeast





Begin to boil the potatoes and in the meantime
Take the flour and slide type shower in the container (so that there are no lumps)
As soon as the potatoes are boiled, let it cool a bit and make them become mash and add them in the flour

Melt the yeast in a small water (warm), and add it to the mixture of potatoes and flour


Melt the yeast in a small water (warm),

and add it to the mixture of potatoes and flour


Now you can mix everything ,

until dont get   mixture ” thick and sticky ” (like the mixture of the pizza)

 Put the mixture in large bowl so it has time to it rise

(Approximately 30 minutes in a warm environment)

when it will be tripled you can start to use

Break the yeast (mix a little) and start frying,

making  it  in the shapes of  ball,

if you want you can add in

some  cheese,  or anchovies.

Picts made by FotoMaskaGrafia


21 thoughts on “Zippole

  1. These looks SO delicious. Potatoes, anchovies, good cheese – what is not to like? Scrumptious. So, you made these with your sister? How much fun! I love the black and white photos – very intriguing. Have a restful Sunday, Massi! Best wishes, Shanna

    • Good morning Shanna,
      she made this nice dish,its seems easy, but believe ,is not!
      thank you always for your sincerely and warm comment
      have a nice day!

      • Massi –
        No, you are right – it is not easy. Anything amazing should take quite a bit of work, as I am certain that this dish does. I am looking forward to your next blog post. Your food is fit for Kings and Queens and always has a pleasant story behind it.
        Warm regards,

  2. Io non le ho mai mangiate, ma dalla ricette sembrano proprio buone buone….
    E così sei stato in Italia, mi sembrava infatti di averti visto durante una passeggiata ahahaha
    Ciaooo, Pat

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, finalmente! ma sai che non riuscivo più ad entrare nel tuo blog? volevo in ogni modo leggere questa tua ricetta ( oltre che salutart! ) perché non sono mai riusciuta a farla bene, nonostante avessi amici napoletani che me l’avevano insegnata, vediamo se questo nuovo amico italo-olandese ci riesce meglio…
    poi ti faccio sapere, certo non potrò farla subito, sono iniziati i preparativi per il santo natale
    intanto ti ringrazio tantissimo

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